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Spirit LIVE Orchestre members

SpiritLIVE Greetings to ALL,

My name is Carolyn “Amala” Viola, the Artistic Director of SpiritLIVE LLC. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our website and SpiritLIVE Awakening Danse/Chant Celebrations!  I am so grateful to report that our SpiritLIVE Orchestre members and the Event Facilitation itself has grown and blossomed in strength, vision, articulation, and connectedness over these past two years. I SINGcerely hope you will come see for yourself and too help in co-creating the engagement of JOY between our musicians and dancers participating in our dance/chant event . Come hear first hand our unique sound LIVE! Thank You also for helping to promote interest and spread the word to all in need of a self-expression's Release, Recharge, and Reconnection!  YES!

We serve the moving public with our improvisational music from all genres. The musicians inspire the dancers to allow in their moment by moment moves to unfold and in turn the musicians are re-inspired to play and sing forth authentically from a lifetime rich in experience! The synergy is exciting, freeing, emoting, and FUN! It is different every time depending on who is there to play, to move, and to be moved. What needs to open and be expressed from out of our personal lives and from our world perception takes VOICE. It is truly a co-creation of SpirtLIVE all-together! 

For decades, I have been the solo singer for Princeton’s Dance Improv and both a participant and musician with Philadelphia’s Group Motion. These long time communities along with being a graduate of David Darling’s Music for People have mentored my growth as a music/danse facilitator. However it is my 30 year old Hatha Yoga practice of listening to and allowing the breath in my body to move me to open safety, plus the love of mantra, that caused me to birth SpiritLIVE!  People need a place to experience and reinforce a way into their breath that brings healing to their minds, body, and Spirit, and SpiritLIVE gives permission for one’s Sound Self to Open Organically and Authentically be Heard and be Seen! 

It has been my life's work in the world to help folks open to their authentic sound. I am so graced to be in the company of such accomplished, gifted musicians, most of which were new to free improvisation and are smitten now by it’s unveiling passion:

David Everitt Paller: Cello & Double Bass

"My striving in this endeavor is Joy, a joy for all those in this collection of people and influence. Of course it's the dancers -- we are expressing to them and they respond to our full expression. When we exude this joy, this feeling of unity amongst us all, we all FLOAT in this. It's amazing!"

Claudia Reeves ~ “Clauje”: Sliver Flute, Vocals, Wing Vibes, Zills

"The flute style that I play is free form to begin with, so I love the improvisational jazz aspect of the ensemble and the spontaneity forming the dance and the music. I’m able to musically express a lot of different emotions and dance to achieve the whirl of oneness! The performance becomes “the distraction fit”, to borrow a phrase from T.S. Elliot… a conceptual fusion, it's wild!”   

 Allison Mansell Brown: Mandoline, Harmonica, Percussion

“…Spirit Live is an amalgamation of sound, of extemporaneous expression of feeling and we don't do covers. We interact with the dancers and the dancers speak to us as we speak to them which makes it even more exciting.”

Ren Porter, Vocals: Hand Percussion, Keyboard

“…I put myself to sleep at night by doing vocalization spontaneously. At SpiritLIVE I love the idea that there is something going on musically and visually that sparks something inside of me and I am able to just react.”

Arlie Proctor: Electric Guitar

“…What attracted me to join was the collection of musicians, different personalities and ideas. Everybody comes from a completely different musical background, training perspective, and from what their ear is like. It’s a very interesting outlet for artistic expression to get together with this band and play. It’s different from any other musical experience you have ever had.”

Peter Elston: Keyboard, Hand Percussion

“…I make the space for other performers to provide the lead and give us the other accoutrements that really make the music sound good. Creating the fundament for others to add to it, becomes a very dynamic and exciting place musically.”

Jim Davidson: his own handmade African Drums

“…If I had to choose a word to describe Spirit Live Dance, it would be “Spirit” because that's what we create. I play the drum as a prayer, that’s Spirit. Spirit comes from different places, different instruments, but we all have it, that's why we musicians all get along so well. Even though as they say, it’s like herding cats at times!”

Jeffrey Fadden: Acoustic Lead Guitar

“…What attracted me most was working with all the other multiple instrumentalists. I wanted to discover how we can all gel together improvising with everyone having different levels of playing, different influences, from different kinds of music genres. It was a perfect opportunity to add the uniqueness of my instrument, a nylon string guitar. I work very closely with the piano player and the other instruments around me basically as the baseline "river", to hold a foundation on top of the foundation.”

“Amala”: Artistic Director/Event Facilitator, Vocals, Shruti Box, Crystal & Tibetan Bowls

“…There are no wrong moves here… here we remember that Love is all around us, every moment of every day! In the grace of a band of improvisers and a group of dancers who are creating authentic improvisational music and movement together, we can distill whatever has become stuck within us, whether it has been an emotional blow or a physical injury. We access another way to channel and to heal from them. Music moves us deeply; add to it our breath and we human moving beings calling forth an opportunity to come in to our own integrity with who we truly are!”

Please feel free to send me an email here at SpiritLIVE.org if there is anything more I can provide you with to help you seize the moment and come to one of our Danse/Chant Celebrations or to secure a one on one session with me. Love to hear your thoughts too if you have already been present to co-creating our cOMmUNITY of authentic self-expression at it’s BEST! YAY!

SINGcerely Yours,