Sing Your Story . . . for the Health of Yourself and Our World


How have YOU used your voice today? With love or compassion? In anger or silence? To serve or entertain? The pathway to the full, authentic expression of ourselves through sound is open to every one of us, from the professional vocalist to the “shower-only” singer. In this series of three workshops, we will delve into the art of sound as we explore all the ways we use our voices. You’ll learn how to access your own inner voice tools and uncover simple, empowering techniques for expression that are already within you.


Through vocal exercises and improvisational techniques, guided meditation and yogic kriyas for breath awareness and enhancement, we will open to our own unique sound stories, born from the vast experiences of our everyday lives. No other experience is necessary! Come celebrate and acknowledge who you are now and release the obstacles that hold you back from voicing yourself with confidence and skill, and continue on the path to create an active, SOUND life of health and well-being.